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Winter Reuse-A-Shoe Drive Update

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These pictures were taken in a poverty-stricken community in Guatemala. Our winter shoe drives have made a real difference for many children there! The yellow boots are from Bledsoe Elementary, and the pink star shoes are from Isbell Elementary.

To learn more about Shoe Bank and how you can help, visit Interested in organizing a Spring shoe drive at your school? It can be very easy! Contact Molly Kinson at to get started today.

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“Greening” in the New Year – with Carton Recycling!

As of January 1, 2014, Frisco students are “officially” able to recycle their empty milk and orange juice cartons in the cafeteria. The best part is, carton recycling has potential to nearly DOUBLE the amount of recycling our schools produce each day! And the more we recycle, the more we can help our schools save money on annual trash disposal costs!

Please note that although cartons are now recyclable at school, Frisco’s residential recycling program is not yet ready to accept cartons. We are hoping that this status will change before the year is over!

For questions about carton recycling, contact your school’s Recycling Coordinator. To schedule an assembly visit from Rufus the Recycling Dog to kick off carton recycling at your school, contact Molly Kinson at You can also use the digital/printable flyers below to help spread the word.

Schedule a New Years' Recycling Revamp at your school!


Is your cafeteria recycling program struggling? Do students, teachers and staff members have trouble remembering what can and can not go in the big blue recycling bins? Are your recycling bins constantly contaminated with trash items? Having trouble finding volunteers to monitor the trash and recycling bins at the end of each lunch? Don’t worry… help is on the way!!

If you believe your cafeteria is in desperate need of a New Year’s Recycling Revamp, contact Molly Kinson at today.

All flyers posted below have received approval from Frisco ISD Communications.


For print (ex: paper flyers for Thursday folders)gogreen.jpg

These flyers have been designed to use less ink with higher contrast, specifically for printing on white or colored paper.  

TIP:  Print flyers in black-and-white onto colored paper to have them stand out in Thursday folders, without wasting expensive colored ink! 


Print double-sided:  Reduce your paper usage by 50%! 

TIP:  Print Cafeteria Recycling 101 on one side, and Recycling Reminders on the other


Print 4-to-a-page:  “Cut” your paper usage by 75%!

TIP:  To save paper (and money), I recommend you choose the 4-to-a-page flyers, then use a paper trimmer to quickly cut them apart.  Many schools have a paper trimmer available for PTA use.


Digital (ex: for e-blasts or to post on websites)

These flyers have more color and detail, since they are NOT meant for printing.  Have your e-blasts and/or websites hyperlink to these PDFs.  If you prefer, a .png graphic has been provided as well, so you can resize and/or post a thumbnail graphic on the web.


Go digital:  Eliminate paper usage completely!




Recycling Reminders from Rufus:


“Back at School, Recycling is Cool!”

Now is a great time to remind parents, teachers and students about all the amazing things that can be recycled in all Frisco schools. 

Batteries, plastic bags, ink cartridges, cell phones and shoes are some of the special recycling items accepted at every school. 

During the holiday season, we all go through a lot of batteries, collect plastic bags while holiday shopping, buy ourselves new phones and of course our little ones are always outgrowing their shoes. 

This January, let’s reduce our waste at home and recycle what we no longer need – at school!

Note: most special recycling stations are usually set up in the front lobby area or in the cafeteria.  Check out where your school recycles, and help us keep more holiday waste out of the landfill by including a recycling reminder in your PTA e-blast!

“Tricks and Treats” Reuse Pet Items Drive



The City of Frisco’s Environmental Services and the Frisco Humane Society would like to thank all schools who participated in this year’s drive.  Another special “thank you” goes to Mr. Patrick Norman of Advantage Storage for donating two units for use during this year’s drive.  We were able to fill an entire 10’x10’ storage unit again this year, and all of these donations will improve the quality of life for many of the homeless cats and dogs of the Frisco Humane Society. 


Several Frisco Humane foster volunteers wanted to share why they are so grateful to receive our “reused” pet items each year.  Many people do not realize that the Frisco Humane Society is not a “bricks-and-mortar” establishment.  Instead, it is a network of dedicated volunteers who foster homeless cats and dogs until they are adopted into a new home.  While these animals are waiting for their “forever family,” foster volunteers often spend a good deal of their own money to support the animals.  Also, many of the supplies they purchase end up leaving with the animals when they are adopted.  The generosity of all families who donate helps the Frisco Humane Society continue to rescue so many homeless animals each year. 


Visit to view cats and dogs currently available for adoption, and to view a “thank you note” posted for all Frisco ISD schools who donated!


Gary Burns Fun Run – A Zero Waste Event


The Gary Burns Fun Run, an annual event that benefits the Frisco Education Foundation, is also traditionally a “Zero Waste Event” in Frisco.  The term “Zero Waste” refers the idea that an event can be organized to produce as little trash as possible, while all other waste is collected for composting and recycling.  When an event produces less trash, in turn less money is required to dispose of it.  This means that even more of the money raised by the Gary Burns Fun Run each year can be invested in scholarships for graduating Frisco seniors!

Gary_Burns_Zero_Waste.JPGWhen organizing a Zero Waste Event, the goal is to achieve at least 90% diversion (no greater than 10% trash collected).


This year’s results:

Total recyclable/compostable material collected – 940 lbs

Total trash collected (to landfill) – 55 lbs


% of total waste that was diverted from landfill – 94.47% (only 5.53% trash)!!!

We are grateful to Community Waste Disposal (CWD) for donating 60 total compost, recycle and trash containers to support our efforts at the Gary Burns Fun Run.  Another special thank you goes to Tyler Shumway, a Frisco ISD student who helped organize volunteers as part of his Eagle Scout Project.  And from Collin College, members of the Collin Association for Sustainable Efforts (CASE) and Service Learning students also volunteered as Zero Waste Educators during the event.  We could not have achieved this unheard-of level of Zero Waste success without the help of more than 70 dedicated volunteers. 


This year’s Gary Burns Fun Run saw more than 6000 participants, but in the end our volunteers diverted more waste and provided more public education than ever before.  And the best part was, when we left Toyota Stadium at 11am, there was no litter left behind.  Several volunteers commented that “it was like we were never there.”  Thanks to everyone for helping us “Keep Frisco Beautiful” – each year we continue to set the bar high while promoting a sustainable future in Frisco.


Looking for some “green” ways to entertain your little learners?

Fill some of their FREE TIME with these FREE educational games!

  • Check out the new Environmental Services website for kids: Featuring Rufus and friends, this closed website offers a safe online environment to browse fun projects, activities and games that are all aligned with TEKS learning targets.

  • The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) also has some fun and educational flash games for kids at Their Take Care of Texas program encourages young Texans to learn how they can help keep our state clean and beautiful.


October 9 - International Walk to School Day

October 14-25 - Tricks and Treats REUSE Pet Items Drive

November 9 – “The Frisco Community Parade” (Green Team coordinators, students and PTA volunteers across the district are encouraged to march alongside Rufus and friends!)

November 15 – Texas Recycles Day / America Recycles Day

February 10 – 21 – RECYCLE Cell Phones Drive

March 29 – 8:30-9:30pm – Earth Hour (turn off all electric devices for one hour)

April 22 – Earth Day 2014

April 25 – Arbor Day

April 26 “Clean It and Green It” 2014 (Frisco’s annual community clean-up event)

For more information, please contact Molly Kinson,

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